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Are Federico Mahora fragrances and perfume fake?

There are many uncertainties surrounding the Federico Mahora brand. In particular, it is unclear whether the Federico Mahora fragrance or perfume is a fake or imitation of other brands. This of course makes sense.

This is because many people assume that fragrances have patents filed by their respective brands, but that is not the case.

A scent cannot be patented

You cannot patent a fragrance, but you can patent a name or a specific bottle design.

Perfume concentrates for fragrances are ordered from manufacturers, mixed with water and marketed under the appropriate brand names.

More than 80% of all top brands purchase these concentrates from the German manufacturer Drom Fragrances and therefore also the Federico Mahora Group.

That’s why we can assure you that our fragrance concentrates are exactly the same as the fragrance concentrates from the major perfume makers and that they are not counterfeit perfumes.

No scent is unique, nor is it “real” or “fake”

That’s why the Federico Mahora Group buys existing fragrance concentrates developed by Drom Fragrances and gives them numbers instead of names and uniform bottles.

The key is fragrance concentrates, which are freely marketable to everyone.

Fragrances from Federico Mahora Group are never counterfeit fragrances, but original fragrances with a different bottle and name.

In fact, almost every bottle of Federico Mahora has such a high concentration of concentrates that it can be called at least an eau de perfume, but often even a perfume.

Our products are at least 50% cheaper than the major perfume brands and you enjoy a wonderful scent.

How does that work in practice?

Suppose a well-known brand wants to launch a new fragrance. Basically you want a fragrance concentrate developed by Drom Fragrances and with a unique name such as ‘Leap’.

Famous brands then buy this concentrate, come up with new names such as “homme”, and add medicinal water and alcohol to the concentrate, optionally as eau de perfume or eau de toilette, name, bottle and packaging.

Due to expensive television and marketing campaigns, the prices of these bottles have reached the levels at which they are sold today.

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