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FM World perfumes are divided into six primary fragrance collections, including:

  • Pure
  • Pheromone
  • Intense
  • Pure Royal
  • Golden Edition Pure Royal
  • Utique

Perfumes from the above fragrance collections come in unisex, for her and for him variants, and fall within one of six FM World fragrance families, including:

  • Floral; sensual and romantic
  • Oriental; strong and untamed
  • Fougere; seductive and classic
  • Chypre; sensual and seductive
  • Citrus; cheerful and energetic
  • Woody; refined and classy

What is the difference between Pure, Pheromone & intense?

  • Pure is 20% Fragrance Oil, the fragrances you buy in the stores are only 15%!
  • Intense has 30% fragrance oil so it is stronger & lasts longer
  • Pure Royal is the luxury range. It contains 20% fragrance oils, but the oils are 100% natural and last longer on the skin than the Pure Collection.
  • Pheromone has added pheromones, although odorless, when added to perfumes they amplify their power and have an undeniable influence on those around you. Use them when you go on a date or want to impress.

Federico Mahora (FM) is an exquisite designer, not available in stores. It’s not a fake or a copy, it’s better!

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